Retro Milwaukee Products

Included on this page are a few photo's of products made in or near Milwaukee in the 50's & 60's. The smaller images will enlarge if clicked on.


Toy car made by Product Miniature Company

Left, The Dippee Bug by Herbert H Schwarze in Milwaukee WI

Right, the colorful 'Numberaid' "the American abacus" made by Milsco MFG. Company Milwaukee. Today, Milsco produces seats for Harley-Davidson, John Deere, Caterpillar, and Toro



Left, Gran'pa Graf. Although the original factory in West Milwaukee is long gone Graf beverages can still be found on local supermarket shelves, the brand now belongs to Canfields

Right, Roxo. "Bottled at the Spring" no more, Roxo is now local history. I believe the dapper one eyed logo smoking a cigarette was named 'Rollie'.



Left, Johnston Cookie Company. Former makers of wonderful cookies, crackers, and chocolate. The factory is now the Masterson Company. They supply ingredients for commercial use.

Middle, Howdy Doody Ice Cream Bars. These were produced in Milwaukee by  "Gehlís Guernsey Farms, Inc."

Right, "Sure Good" brand ice cream bar by Marine Veteran Ice Cream Co. Mlwaukee WI.



Ziegler's GIANT Candy Bar

The George Ziegler Company closed in 1972, but the Ziegler Giant Bars are still poured in patented molds and sold by Ziegler's HALF NUTS in West Allis, Wisconsin, owned by the 5th generation of Ziegler candy makers, William and Mary Ziegler.


This Shoe Fitting X-Ray Machine was manufactured by Adrian X-Ray Company in Milwaukee WI. Brooks Stevens, a noted Milwaukee industrial designer designed the machine for the company as a sales tool for shoe stores. The machines were being banned in most states by the late 1960's due to producing unsafe exposure to unshielded X-ray and resulting liability problems.



Left, Heinemann Creameries. Many Milwaukee area folks will remember the running Indian with his tomahawk. "Yum Yum Kewaskum !"

Right, Mammoth Spring Canning Company Sussex Waukesha County, WI The Kewpie brand has not been seen since the mid sixties. 


 The Besasie Cars

 The Excalibur


Hotpoint had a large factory in Milwaukee, this logo was photographed from my still in use, 1957 built-in Hotpoint oven.

Hope you enjoyed this page & maybe it brought back a few good memories.

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