The Milwaukee X Cars

1955-1969  X-1  X-2  X-3 & X-4

 Experimental cars built by Besasie Engineering, the X-3 was driven around the Milwaukee area for many years and displayed at the EAA Fly-IN several times. This car features a sliding roof, 1957 Chevrolet chassis and an Oldsmobile 455 V-8 with TH-350 transmission, it was 1 of 4 cars built over the years in Milwaukee by Raymond Besasie Sr.. The Sister car, 'X-4' featured a fixed roof, power windows, 1963 Chrysler 413 'Golden Lion' engine and chassis. The original Push-button transmission was converted to lever operation. Both cars were equipped with altimeters, note the absence of a steering wheel on both cars. The driver sits in the middle, controlling the steering with a type of Retro-joystick, neat-o ! The X-2 featured a rear mounted 56 Cadillac engine with two radiators and 3/4 race cam. Styling was conceived by Raymond's Son. The car was featured in a Clark gasoline commercial in the early 60's. This car, like the others had the driver in center position with passengers on either side. The whereabouts of the X-2 are unknown as of this writing. The first X-car was the 2 passenger X-1 or 'Barracuda' this car has been located "alive and well" in Wisconsin. The X-1 originally featured a 1953 Corvette drive train--Blue Flame 6 with side draft carbs. Today, the car has a modified Pontiac 389 V8, Borg Warner T-10 4 speed, and Pontiac rear end with 4:11 gears.




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Rear View of the X-2

X-2 around 1959

2nd owner of the X-2 Vada Schwartz loved the color orchid


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