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Appreciative Memories

Great site. Stirs the cockles of my heart. A few things of my own remembered: The Milwaukee Mile...when it was dirt. Bill Vukovich, Jimmy Bryan, Chuck Stevenson, Jack McGrath. The Hudson Hornets. The Oldsmobile rockets. The inside quarter mile track, starring  Miles-the Mouse- Milieus (sp?), Etchie Biertzer (sp?) and Fuzzy Fausbender (sp?) on Thursday nights. The Old Mill. The Whip. The Bubble Bounce. The Roller Coaster. The Bumper Cars. The Penney Arcade. Sneaking into the Fair Park under Greenfield Ave through Honey Creek. The giant milk bottle greeting fairgoers entering grounds on 81st and Greenfield. Martin's Custard Shop on NW corner of 75th and National. Wardens Oil Refinery on 73rd and Burnham. Knipple Selig Ford on 71st and National. Nash dealer on 73rd (?) and National. The Allis and Capitol theaters on Greenfield Ave. The car barns on 84th between National and Greenfield. Wolfes on 70th and Greenfield. Wieman's and McClellan's dimestores on Greenfield...Woolworth's too, but that's modern history. The A and W on 78th and Greenfield. Yunker Chevrolet on Greenfield. The Olds dealer across the street from the A and W...someone help me with the name. Chet Barnekow Hudson dealership...94/95th and Greenfield. Duckler Pontiac on 70th. PJ Kaufmann imported cars on 3rd and Burleigh. The imported car dealer on 7th Street, just South of Wisconsin on the East side of the street...Wisconsin just came to me. (Guy had room for one small car in the showroom, sold MGs. Had a Tucker Torpedo in the back of the place.) Toys above Walgreen's on 3rd and Wisconsin. The Telenews Theater between 3rd and 4th on Wisconsin. The Lotus. The Empress (strip joint...I mean burlesque house)  on  the West side of 3rd street just South of Wells. Mary Lubin's Pawnshop. The Brass Rail. The Downtowner. The Clock Steakhouse and Claude Dorsey. Real Chili on about 13th/14th and Wisconsin, North side of Street....2/3 steps down.  Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Chevrolet...On the West side of Broadway, near State...almost kiddy corner from Metropolitan Cadillac on NE corner of Broadway and State. The Milwaukee Road Depot on Everret Street...behind present Boston Store. The CNW Depot at the foot of Wisconsin Avenue. The parking terrace overlooking the lake where the War Memorial (do we still call it that ?) presently stands. The auto shows at the Auditorium...and later the Arena too.  Diamonds Steakhouse. The Stag bar on 4th and State...RIP Jeff. Lenreck's (sp?) Cafe on 3rd and State. Donges Cap and Glove Shop on 3rd and State. The Lake Carriers Association above the glove shop. Radio Doctors when it was on the South side of Wells between 2nd and 3rd. The ski jump at Soldiers Home. Charlie Grimm. Lou Elhers Buick in Shorewood...on Wilson and Capital Drive (for those who remember, sing it.) 19 cent George Webb hamburgers. Hollaway House Cafeteria on North side of Wisconsin between 2nd and 3rd (you had the patience of a saint June, RIP) The Camel cigarette billboard atop Toys on 3rd, the one that would puff smoke rings. The street photographers downtown, taking pictures of people passing by. Wayside Inn (better known as Barney's) on Water between Mason and Wisconsin...East side of the street. The Elbow Room and the Tunnel Inn on Front Street. The Rescue Mission on 5th North of State...The House of Ben Kramer next to it. O'rielly's on the East Side...Farwell and Ogden. Speaking of Ogden...the John Ernst Cafe...marvelous place. Johnson Cookie Company on National. Big Nick's bar on KK just South of the KK River...used to service refreshment needs of seaman from the C and O Car Ferries when they docked across the street. The Medusa Challenger. The Fruit Boat when it was a boat...well not really. It was a barge loaded with fruits and veggies from Michigan, towed by a tug...docked at Water and Pittsburgh (?). The Cobia Submarine when it was tied up on the Milwaukee River across from the Fruit Boat. Chuck Yeager (sp?) flying over the lakefront in 47/48 in a Lockheed Shooting Star jet. The Allis Chalmers strike in 1946. The blizzard of 47. The Wells  Street line viaduct over Miller Valley. Gettleman Brewery. The Southside Armory. Hiene (?) and the Grenadiers. Steve Swedish. Herb Shot and the Hotshots. Will Green's Living Room on North and 28th. Beverly Pitts. George Pritchett. Sig Malonzie (sp?) Lee Burrows. KG's on North Teutonia. The Pink Poodle. The Celebrity Lounge. The Pallomar...skating rink on South 27th. The flagpole sitter at Southgate when it opened. Corned Beef Corner at Capital Court. Sulley's Hamburger joint on Green Bay...the original that is, just North of Burleigh. Sally's Steakhouse on Michigan Ave...between 3rd and 4th on the South side of the street. (Before she went to the Knick I believe the space was The Red Lion Room. Nancy Wilson did a gig there once.) Robert Hall men's clothes. (So the fit wasn't want perfect, see a tailor.) The Holiday House nightclub in the 3rd Ward. The little pink Church in the 3rd Ward. The Losers Club (serious...Lyon and Van Buran...RIP Steve).  The Attic. The Scene. The Paradise Theater tunnel. The jazz club on Wells, between 4th and 5th  on the South side of the Street...someone help with the name please. Saw Gene Ammons, Roland Kirk, Sonny Stitt among others there. And the Belmont 3 or 4 in the morning naturally. Naturally. Ma Fischer's (sp?) on Farwell at 3 or 4 in the morning...RIP Doris, the chocolate cake worked like a charm...every time. You were big, fat and loud, the loveliest woman on the planet. I'll never forget you. The Oriental Drugstore lunch counter. Every problem of life, personal, political, philosophical or otherwise solved on a regular basis there. Marlene from the Oriental, one of my all time favorites. The Market Place...where did you go Susan? Frenchy's...upstairs for the highbrows, the Bulldog room downstairs for low life's like me. The North Shore. Trolley buses. Number 10 (Wells street) trolley. Sailors everywhere downtown on week-ends from Great Lakes Naval Base. Brach's Candy Company on Florida. The ocean of orange on 70th street at the Allis Chalmers Main Gate...tractors, tractors, tractors...Allis Chalmers orange tractors. They were everywhere, coming off the tractor plant assembly line. The Allis Chalmers Clubhouse. The lime pit on 67th and Beecher. Ma's Place on South 68th. The Tuxedo (Tux) on Downer. The Fred Miller Theater. The deli on NW corner of Oakland and Locust...Plotkin's.. Jones Island. Club Garibaldi. DeMarinis (sp?) pizza.  The Pittsburg Fleet in the winter. Sal Monreal. The Murray Tap. Jimmie Smith. Nina Sweeney. Glorioso's. Flintrop's. Smith Kaiser dealer on NW corner of 35th and Burnham. Cudahy News and Hobby. Mitchell Field control tower on Layton. Dutche's Sukiyaki House. Night Owl Cafe. The Penney Arcade on 8th (?) and Wisconsin. George Johns. Frank Ziedler. The Deluge fireboat. The harbor boat Seagull. White Row Apartments. The old State Building where Cathedral Square is now located. Regie Lisowski aka the Crusher. in fish. DC-3 airplanes landing at Mitchell Field. Wisco 99 gas stations. Joe Dorsey and Wire Requests. (Was his theme song "Eager Beaver" by Stan Kenton ?) Robb-2 Bs if you please-Thomas. John-Madman-Michals (sp?) and John O'Hara from WOKY. The Sunday jam sessions at the club on Holton, just North of North Avenue. Someone help with the name of the place if can. It was Italian...been too long ago, the grey matter is going (Editor note: Sardino's Swing Club Tavern). The Texas Cafe on South 5th Street. (Still talk about those combination plates...)

This has been good for me. Needed a reminder of how well I've had it.
Born 1941 Milwaukee, lived there up until 1996. 
Bob Kremer, working in Indiana...for now. 

Gimby and Ellie
I just stumbled across your site and was amazed at all the memories it
brought back. My sisters and I grew up on 41st street across from
Sherman Park in the 40's and 50's. Some of the special things I recall are
being sent to the "Bungalow" grocery on Locust when the butcher called to say
he had just got in some meat, it was rationed during the war. As kids we
would go into the park in the morning and not come home till lunch and then
back again till supper, no molesters or gangs. The wooden stage they would
build for the 4th of July and the row of bubblers fed by a hose. Marching
from 38th street school on the 4th and getting a small flag and ice cream in a
 paper 'Dixie' cup with a small wooden spoon as a reward. Watching lawn bowling
and the warm ice house they would build next to the ice rink down by the
tennis courts. The special smell of Ware's Cycle on Burleigh. Shoveling out
the alley after the blizzard of 47. Garbage collected by horse drawn wagons
that were coupled together on Locust like a train to be pulled away by a
truck. Laying awake on hot sticky summer nights listening to the noise
of the bomb plant at AO Smith and the trains working the plant 24/7. The
green buses that served Sherman Blvd. Watching Howdy Doody on a very small tv
set up in the Museum staircase. Playing in the automatic doors at Kohl's
across from the Sherman theater. The Christmas display at Gimbels where the
deer came right through the windows and circled up the outside of the
building. The ceiling mounted monorail in Toyland up on the top floor of the
Boston Store and it's giant Lionel layout. Billie the Brownie and Meatec the
Eskimo on top of the decorated streetcars in the Christmas parade on
Vliet Street. Gimby and Ellie the Gimbel's Christmas Elves.

Dave Ernst

"ice cream in a paper 'Dixie' cup"

Kitty Town Engineer
Russ Hobby Shop on center across from St.Catherine's Church. Cliff"s DX gas station on 51s. The Clef Club on center, Judy's drive in on capitol drive, Kitty town at Capitol Court (I used to run the Milwaukee Road there) Kitt's drive inn, Big Boys, Pizza Wagon A&P, Butter Bun, Och's House of Music Carvelle, Petroff's Drive In (the first in the state to have an ordering intercom from your car) on Burleigh I remember my Dad pulling one out while backing up he knew John Petroff so things worked out. Beneath The Street, Klaus Arcade, Manning's, Uncle Bob's Music on Fon du Lac and the go kart track behind Bob's, Ruby Chev. Butter Bun, and lots more I cant recall at the moment.
Rich, Northwest Milw

Robert Hall
I grew up on Eggert Place across from the new Custer High School on the northwest side. A few memories; Ritz theater on Villard, Nedís pizza, Sentinel in the morning and the Journal at night, ď Iím doing my Christmas shopping at Robert Hall this yearĒ, swimming at McGovern park, bubblers,
Love the site, Susie

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I have been reading this sight for at least an hour and this sight has literally brought tears to my eyes. I grew up on the North Side of Milwaukee (6th & North) and I have a lot of memories from the '50s-'70s, such as:
Hartung Ford (3rd & Chambers), Rank & Son Dodge (3rd & Burleigh), Radio Doctors (3rd & Wells / 3rd & North), The YMCA (6th & North), Gimbels-Schusterís (3rd & Garfield) and J. Kornelly Hardware Store (3rd & North). Let's not forget The Fruit Ranch Market, Kroger Krambo Supermarkets, Clark Super 100 service stations, Enco ("Put a Tiger in Your Tank-Happy Motoring") service stations and "Love That Wisco 99" service stations. Plus the great soft drinks such as: Jic-Jac, Nesbitt, Grafs, Glen Rock and Roxo .
P.S. On a final note, remember the Washington Park Zoo, and the Briggs & Stratton plant on Teutonia & Center??

Clark super 100 gasoline,
Thousands know it's best,
The largest selling independent gasoline
In the middle west.
Fill up today, you'll see just what we mean
With Clark super 100 gasoline...

Fill 'r up, fill 'r up, fill 'r up, fill 'r up with WISCO,
Fill 'r up, fill 'r up with WISCO 99!

Hello Snirkle
Found your website while searching for snirkle candy bars. Growing up in Milwaukee in the sixties and seventies they were a favorite of mine and i know now that they were for a lot of others too. Well I found them in sucker form {which I had forgotten about} so I am listing the web address where you can get a box. I grew up in Bay View and also in the Southgate area, it was so much fun to see how many of my former "nieghbors" had shared their memories. Southgate is gone now but the band shell at Humboldt Park is still there. I live in Hartford WI. now but still say I am from Milwaukee! My daughter loves my stories of growing up there. Here is one place no one mentioned.. the indoor roller rink on south 27th Street that was an old army barracks and then became the first Colders furniture. What about Billy the Brownie at Christmas, and the show on Sunday morning reading the comics with Pops? I too attended Pulaski High, my siblings went to Bay View, what a great building that is, and all the gargoyles around the exterior were still there when I last looked! And the great drive in theatres especially the 41 Twin on south 27th, I think the most people we ever snuck in in the trunk was 5!! I will definitely visit your sight again and again.. Many Thanks! Janet K.

Great Site!

My memories go back to the mid 40's.  Living on 30th and Locust and attending Clark Street School.
Then on to Peckham Jr. High on Fond du Lac Ave.--- I guess it's now Robinson Middle School 
I remember Borchart Field (near 8th & Burliegh?) and watching the Milwaukee Brewers play baseball.
Some people watched by looking thru holes in the wood fences --- "the knothole gang"
Driving all the way out to the beach at Pewaukee Lake---Wow, seemed like an all day trip!
Then stop at the Milk Jug, "way out" on Bluemound Road where they had a live cow inside.
My Mother loved their Buttermilk (Ugh!) but I loved their Chocolate Milk
Milk was delivered to your house and put in the "Milk Chute" which had a door to the outside and a door to the inside.
The Milkman drove a horse drawn wagon.
Coal was delivered by men who hauled it from the truck to your basement window in canvas "buckets" they carried on their shoulder.
They dumped it onto a metal chute they put in your window and the coal went into your "Coal Bin".
I also remember double dating with someone who had a car and going to one of many "drive-in" movies
(better known as "Passion Pits")--one was the Bluemound, which is now known as Brookfield Square.

 Also remember 5 cent Popsicles--and they were the twin kind with 2 sticks that  you broke in half.

"Milk was delivered to your house and put in the 'Milk Chute' "

Fish Fry's and A&P
I found this site when I did a search to find Suburpia sandwiches, now back in business. Wow, do I feel old (44 now). I lived on the north side, Hi-Mount Boulevard, until I was 9 years old and then made the move to the southwest side, 88th and Burdick. Quite a culture shock, all those Moms with curlers in their hair and a hairnet all the time, funny thing is I donít ever remember seeing them without the curlers!!!! Did they ever take them out?
My Grandma and Grandpa lived in a 4 family on 54th and Vliet. We would go to Milrose restaurant on 55th and Vliet on Friday nights for fish frys and have to wait forever! They made a lot of money at the bar while people waited for their table. We could keep busy with the juke box and then when finally seated we would draw pictures on paper placemats.
I remember going to Sears and the smell of popcorn, once I talked my Dad into getting me some, (thanks Daddy). Also, Gimbels had a deli counter that they would give samples with the toothpicks, they had some sausage one day and I loved it, begged my Mom to buy some and she did. When we had it for supper that night I wouldnít touch it, said it wasnít the same. Then she cut it up into slices and put toothpicks in them and I ate them up (thanks Mom).
We also had all the A&P dishes the blue & white ones and the green & white ones. Of course green stamps to. Meurerís bakery was always a great place, we had one by us on North Ave. I think 49th or 48th Street and then on 92nd and Beloit Road had an even bigger one with a coffee shop and take outs for fish frys etc.
I remember wanting to trade in my small bike with the butterfly handlebars and banana seat for the yellow Schwinn ten speed! Playing kickball at every recess too! Also hanging out at the school playground after school and summers.
Does anyone remember Horkyís on Vliet? Penny candy and a malt shop with the old man that ran it. I remember the dark woodwork and being very afraid of the old man, but loved that candy!
How about fashion in the 60ís and 70ís? We had sizzlers which were short-short dresses that had matching panties to wear because they were so short. Also remember watching my Mom sitting on the sofa teasing her hair to get that height. Also had the elephant pants, tighter by the thighs and knees and then really wide bell bottoms, wearing coulottes (sp?). In our high school the girls wore guys levis that we got at County Seat or Just Pants and because we had the girlish hips and smaller waists we would put darts in the back to show off our smaller waists. Also wore flannel shirts with jeans a lot. Platform shoes and clogs were too cool. Bakers shoes was the only place to get your shoes dyed to match your dress for prom or a wedding.
Sandy (Gruenewald) Richmond
Hamilton Class of 1980

'Free' Dishes from A&P

Don't Forget Schusters
My gosh, what a great site, but let's not forget good ole "Schusters" on Vliet Street, 18th Street School, the Colonial Theatre with its' 10 cent tickets, the free dishes given at theatres, Kinners Ribs and Dixie Cream Donuts!! Evelyn S.


Grants Lunch Counter
Does anyone remember the lunch counter at Grants dime store downtown?  They had a conveyer belt on which the food orders would come out and the dirty dishes were returned to the kitchen. Starting in'49 and thru '55 I came into the green market over on Fond du Lac and 19th street with my Dad.  We came on tuesdays and thursdays.  We sold live chickens. berries, currents, apples and potatoes.  We got to meet many nice people that way. I attended the old Lutheran high in 13th street. Next to the school was the nut shop.  For a nickel we could get a fairly large bag of pop corn.   

                                                        Sue Schultz

Chicken Delight
Thanks for jogging alot of happy memories for me. I grew up in Wauwatosa in the 50's and 60's. I have to remind everyone of that terrific Oscar Weiner truck shaped like a wiener-they gave out these cute little wiener whistles ( I still have mine) everywhere they went. I also remember the "Chicken Delight" trucks that were depicted a chicken sitting in a basket on top. Really great chicken delivered to your door. My Dad brought home our first bag of Mc Donald's burgers when I was a youngster, and I recall him saying they were only 19 cents each!
Gilles Custard was the hot spot to hang out in my neighborhood, and to my knowledge is still there. There was a funky popcorn wagon parked on their out lot, which sold the best buttered popcorn for only 20 cents a bag. My Mother and I used to walk down there frequently, shop at Halan's Grocery, and often ate at Dutchland Dairy close by, or shop at the Fruit Ranch.
Your website was sent to me by a friend on Xmas Eve-what a great gift! Thanks so much!
Nikki Hronis
Oshkosh, WI

Dad worked at Nash
I was born and raised in Hartford, but my Dad worked at Nash motors in Milwaukee. We often came to Milwaukee shopping, Third street and Wisconsin was our main shopping area. My confirmation dress was bought there. My sister took her nurseís training at Milwaukee County Hospital. Whenever we would come to Milwaukee we would have to stop for ice cream at the Milk Jug. I remember the huge Milk Jug on the top of the building. Does anyone else remember this ?My husband and I come to Milwaukee to the Parkinsonís Clinic at Mt. Sinai. It is nice to see the city modernize and grow, but great to see the old buildings that hold so many memories. Barb Immel

Misses Milwaukee
I grew up in Milwaukee in the fifties & sixties. I lived off Howell Ave on East Plainfield. Went to grade school at AE Burdick School on Bolivar & Griffin.
My mom worked at Gardetto's Bakery just around the corner on Howell. Remember the Milwaukee Journal Green Sheet that ran an ad I believe every Wednesday
for ten burgers (or something like that) for $1 at George Webb's? I remember Al's custard stand by Mitchell Field, the Blue Jay Bowling Alley on Howell, Carvel that became the Boy Blue, the Airway Theater, the water tower on Howard Ave where I got my shots back in the fifties (I still remember smelling the alcohol in the air!).
Thompkins Ice Cream off Howell near Humbolt Park. Fishing with my Dad for smelt at Jones Island, the Milwaukee Clipper, the Milwaukee Braves (not the Brewers - sorry Brewers fans!), when Lew Alcindor played for the Milwaukee Bucks, when American Motors was in Kenosha, Dutchland Dairy on Howell Ave (had the best hot fudge sundaes), Marc's Big Boy downtown, ....
I try to get back to Milwaukee every year for a visit. I miss it!
John Beaumonte
Columbia, Missouri

Custard Anyone?
And how about the old annual Schuster's Christmas parade featuring "Billy the Brownie" and some old guy - oh, yeah Santa Claus!
When you were thirsty, you asked where the nearest "bubbler" was. And how about the old horse drinking fountains that in the 1950's were converted to large flower gardens??
Milwaukee still maintains lovely flowerbeds on the boulevard strips, something that you just don't see in American cities these days.
- Mayor Frank Zeidler
- Mayor Henry Meier
- Carl Zimmerman (Channel 6 news)
- Earl Gillespie and Blaine ('Blainer') Walsh
- (Police) Chief Ploczyn
- Clark bars
As a paen to our famous frozen custard, there's a strip mall store just outside of Washington, D.C. named "Milwaukee's Finest" run by a former Milwaukee boy with custard like you remember. They also have huge blown up photos of all the 1950's/1960's custard stands, including the original Kopps on Appleton avenue.
Riding on the streetcar over the rickety/swaying iron trestle over the "Miller Valley"
Ben Barkin who made Milwaukee famous all over again by convincing the Ueihlein family/Schlitz to sponsor the annual Circus Parade (later televised LIVE on WTMJ)

Retro Music Scene
I grew up in Racine but went to UWM between 1968-1973. I Lived above a record store at 1651 N. Farwell. The name of the store escapes me. I was always hungry for music. I remember going to the Avante Garde to see the Baroques and the Velvet whip. The Scene downtown to see Cream, Hendrix and the Mothers of Invention all at about $ 3.00 per ticket if I remember right. I remember going to the Interns East to see the Messengers or to Obrads to see Cheap Trick for a dollar! What a great town to spend your college years in...especially during those years. Jay Gordon ( Manhattan Beach, California)

Captain's Steak Joynt
Great site, first of all.
Captain's Steak Joynt holds great memories for my parents. I
am looking for pictures of the restaurant, the logo, maybe
items from the menu...or a menu just about anything. It's
where my parents worked together...

"looking for pictures of the restaurant, the logo"

Many Memories
Nice job, Guys. I grew up in Milwaukee in the 50's and 60's - first on South 28th and Pierce, and then on Parnell Avenue off south 27th street. I firmly believe that was the best time and place to possibly grow up. Some memories: Impressing your date (and depleting your wallet) by taking her to the Leilani. Saturday afternoon double-feature monster movies at the downtown theaters. Spitting off the second floor balcony at the old museum, then running like hell (never got caught). City News Center on Wisconsin Avenue. "Pitting it out" at the 41 Twin drive-in. Mitchell Park - the Sunken Gardens, "crabbing" at the lagoon in the summer and ice skating there in the winter, sledding on Suicide Hill. Miss Francis and Romper Room. Tarzan, the Three Stooges and cartoons at the Grace theater. Fights at "the flagpole" at Pulaski High. Tess and Ted's grocery on Pierce Street. Drinking low-alcohol beer at Leo's and the Thirsty Eye across the Milwaukee County line. The Legends. "I'm looking for a Safe House" (is it still open?). The Whiskey-a-Go-Go. Uncle Hugo the janitor - "vice president in charge of the mops and the pails and the brooms". Cartoon festivals at the National Theater. Pinky's Bowl. "Bombin' the Ave". Atlantic Mills. Butter Bun Burgers. REAL hard rolls. "Parking" with your girl. God I miss it!! Tom Burke - now in Gettysburg PA

Free Dishes
Just found your site. Going "back home" this summer. I'm 64 so my memories go way back. Here are a few....
Grebes and Gardettos Bakery (where I became a human cream puff one day ... never hire kids to package breadsticks)
No one had better pizza then Pepis. Ate one every week.
Bought a wedding dress at The Grand on Mitchell Street.
Dancing at The Eagles Club on Wisconsin Avenue.
Roller Skating at the Palomar on 27th off Oklahoma Ave.
Of course..Al's custard on Layton and Leons. (these were pre Koop's days)
They gave away dishes on Tuesdays at the Airway Theater.
Can't remember the Bakery in West Allis, but they made the absolutely best, huge, "peanut squares" (with a cherry on top)
Our high school went out on Saturdays to pick up free "DRUGS" that were sent to the Missionary Doctors. Can you imagine that going on today?
The huge, street party when the Milwaukee Braves won the pennant.
Ice Skating at oh so many neighborhood parks.
Kids took accordion know Lawrence Welk had his start here too.
Keep these memories to read.

Milk Jug Memories
I grew up in Brookfield, when Greenfield Avenue was THE major thoroughfare between Milwaukee and Waukesha. We took the bus both ways, so we could enjoy both cities. The Milwaukee bus station was on 3rd and Michigan, and it was a drive-thru building, so the buses drove in one side and out the other. This was several years before I-94 went in, back in '62. The present site of Brookfield Square Shopping Center was a dairy farm, then, and just west of it was the Bluemound Drive-In Theater. West of Calhoun Road on the south side of Bluemound was a wonderful restaurant called The Milk Jug. I think it was owned by Golden Guernsey. The building was shaped something like the famous KoolAid pitcher, and through the glass back wall of the restaurant you could watch them milking the cows. My brother and I used to hitchhike to Greenfield Park to play golf. I think the junior green fees were something like 50 cents. It was a great place to grow up in, back in the 50s.
Pete Lister
Greendale, WI

Remembers  Milway
Just discovered your site and a few things came to mind: Milway catalogue
outlet store with guide wires overhead whizzing (cash?) containers of
something to someone else in the store. Dutchland Dairy on 76th and Capital
Dr. The soda fountain (serving great phosphates) at Tosa Drugs on 93rd and
Capital. Also Court Drugs in the old Kohl's food store complex on 92nd and
Lisbon. Also "the dime store" in the same little strip mall (had a penny
candy corner with an ornery, impatient old woman who took care of eager,
sugar craving kids). I also got my monster models there (Frankenstien was my
1st one for $1.00!) Before the dime store it was a paint store and before or
after it was a card/record store. How about the Red Feather bar across from
Tosa Drugs? The Archery Club bar on 100th st. and Capital where Lisbon
crossed. A bank is there now. 5 chair Barber shop and the old liquor store
nest door at Capital and 87th? Dooly's Bait Shop kiddie corner from
Steinhofles furniture at 84th and Capital. Monkee town at Capital Court.
Does any one have any old pictures of Capitol Court Shopping Center? or
Funtown? More later...

Best 50's 60's place
I don't believe there is a better city in the states to grow up in. Growing up in Milwaukee in the 50's and 60's was life at its best. I remember the swimming pool opening at Jackson park in the summer and the ice skating on the lagoon in the winter. Shoot, in the summer we would leave home early in the morning and not come home until the sun set. Never had to worry about food, there was always an apple tree near or a garden to raid. Those were the happiest days of my life....been gone now for over 30 years and hope to move back someday...You really have a cool site, thanks for the memories.......Ron


Lyric to Dutchland Dairy Commercial
Dutchland Dairy's more than a dairy,
More than a dairy store.
Dutchland Dairy's more than a Dairy,
It's a whole lot more:
A bakery, A restaurant, and a delicatessen shop.
Dutchland Dairy's more than a dairy,
More than a dairy store

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