Vintage CB Recordings


Thanks to Brian Korn of Milwaukee for preserving and sharing his collection of vintage CB recordings. The first clip is an incredible 13 minutes. It's January 6th 1971, location Milwaukee Wisconsin, the recording is a great history lesson, the times were turbulent to say the least. Tempers flare, the topic being the war in Vietnam, the language used is foul at times and there are a couple racial slurs, so you have been warned. Of course there are also many side comments as word spreads of the turmoil on the channel. There is something on this tape to offend nearly everyone, enjoy !!

CB argument Jan 6th 1971


After listening to the previous clip I had an urge to have a slice of apple pie. In this clip you will hear T.C. (Mr. Apple Pie), Crimson Knight & others. Seems the 'Mystery Mobile' has been out and about and nerves are on edge. A raucous hum was present on this recording and reduced with digital filtering.

CB recording Jan 17th 1971


Another clip from 1971, seems Cowboy has had a wee bit too much to drink. His string of four letter words is nearly drowned out by all the heterodynes. Also heard are, John, Jupiter, Big Foot.

CB recording 1971


This nine minute tape dated Jan 2, 1971  I call 'Jupiters Band'. Heard on the tape are : Jupiter, Charlie, Crimson Knight, Dale, CWK, The Man, Polish & others. You will also hear T.C. ( Mr. Apple Pie) invent a new word, (geniusful). This clip was digitally filtered to remove hum component.

CB recording Jan 2nd 1971


In this next clip we hear T.C. & L.F. discussing an incident where T.C's antenna had been pulled down. 3 minutes, digitally filtered to remove hum.

CB recording Jan 3rd 1971


On this clip we hear T.C. (again), accusing the Informer Mobile (me). I am not on the air or mobile that day, so luckily, others set him straight . Ironically, towards the end of the clip we hear T.C. reading off a list of last names (a big no-no back then), and Crimson Knight updates his 'book'. (The crowded channel conditions back then caused a great deal of friction between groups in the area.)

CB recording Jan 6th 1971

Hope you enjoyed this slice of Milwaukee CB History

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