Innovative Schuster's Department store of Retro Milwaukee, pioneers in adopting 'trading stamps' in 1891 and an early version of the charge card, the 'Budga-Plate'. Also famous for the Milwaukee locution "Down by Schuster's, where the streetcar bends the corner around"

Schuster's Billie The Brownie


Yes Retro kids, it's Billie the Brownie. Billie was first seen in 1927, a creation of the Schuster's Department Store in Milwaukee. Billie had his own radio show and was last heard from in 1955. The Billie doll pictured was marketed in the 1930's.

Update!! 4-1-2009

It has recently been brought to our attention that Billie the Brownie has been found alive and well in Germany! Seems he changed his identity in 1956 and moved to East Germany to become a star. Here is the shocking photographic proof including video links.

In Billie's final 1955 broadcast he makes reference to "Sandman", oddly enough this was his new identity in East Germany the following year. Listen to the clip.

Billie the Brownie in East Germany

Billie found alive in Germany

The whereabouts of Me-Tik, his Eskimo driver and pal are unknown

Billie driving in his 1990 Solarmobile

In 1942 Billie shaved his beard off for the war effort

 Below, a picture postcard from 1950 with Billie's old pal Santa, at Maders Restaurant in Milwaukee.

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