150 Reasons We Love Milwaukee

1) The people - they are caring and friendly
2) Since Milwaukeans are so diverse, they are never dull
3) Our lovely lakefront and beautiful beaches
4) Lively festivals introduce us to so many cultures
5) Milwaukee has a small town feel with big city appeal
6) It has four distinct seasons
7) Great parks
8) I'm from Milwaukee, and there's no place like home
10) Everything is accessible and convenient
11) It is better than Chicago and warmer than Wausau!
12) Milwaukee is clean
13) Beautiful buildings abound; they are candy for the eyes.
14) The entertainment is endless.
15) Delectable restaurants please every palate.
16) The ever-changing weather is marvelously unpredictable.
18) Excellent live theatre.
19) In Milwaukee, it's always Miller Time!
20) Plenty of opportunity for learning at local schools and colleges.
21) The city is loaded with charm.
22) Fine places to play -- totlots, playgrounds, and golf courses
23) The City provides good services like snow removal and street cleaning.
24) Ethnic grocery stores, like Truszkowski's Delicatessen
26) Milwaukee is kid- and family-friendly.
27) Splendid shopping.
28) From country to the classics, there is always live music being played.
29) Neighborhoods bring city life down to human scale.
30) Stunning old theaters, like the Pabst and the Oriental.
31) Winter wonders: blizzards and frightful wind chills.
32) Family values are more than political slogans.
33) Magnificent museums open the door to our past, our present, and our future .
34) Midwest Express, (the best) our hometown airline.
35) Abundant ethnic eateries brings menus from around the world to our doorstep.
36) A Great Place on a Great Lake
38) Friday night fish fries
39) Honest, efficient government
40) Mitchell Park Domes - natural beauty under glass
41) Wisconsin State Fair
43) Lots of good jobs
44) Mitchell International Airport, our gateway to the world
45) Milwaukee is affordable
46) The city has a strong faith community, and, exquisite church buildings
47) Safe streets and neighborhoods
48) Hometown 4th of July celebrations in the parks
49) People show their pride in their city
50) Spectacular boulevard plantings
51) The Great Circus Parade
52) The city has energy and excitement
53) Fabulous, frequent fireworks
54) Well-equipped libraries
55) Neighborhood parades
56) Radio stations for every taste
57) Three rivers run through it.
58) The Milwaukee Symphony
59) The Bradley Center
60) People know what bubblers are
61) I do not get arrested for wearing a cheesehead
62) Community spirit
63) Milwaukee's vibrant economy
64) The people have an appreciation for history and tradition
65) Stately trees everywhere
66) Holiday Folk Fair
67) Great paths to pedal: the bike trail system
68) When someone is in need, the people of Milwaukee always respond generously
69) Church Festivals
70) The Grand Avenue
71) It's the home of Harley-Davidson
72) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
73) Mayor John O. Norquist
74) The Milwaukee Bucks
75) The Milwaukee Ballet
76) The lights of the city
77) Cream puffs
78) It's a "Genuine American" city
79) First-rate hospitals and doctors are there when you need them
80) Impressive historic homes
81) Lake Drive
82) A history of colorful, singing mayors
83) Highly professional police
84) Potawotami Bingo
85) Rainbow Summer
86) The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower - largest 4-sided clock in the world
87) The Artesian Well on Pryor Street in Bay View
88) It's close to the country
89) The expressways are efficient
90) The Florentine Opera
91) Riding through downtown or along the lake in a horse-drawn carriage
92) Hospitable hotels
93) Petit National Ice Center
95) The bus system
96) Tailgate parties at Miller Park Stadium
97) Bob Uecker
98) Al's Run/Walk
99) George Webb's
100) Boerner Botanical Gardens
101) Special smells, like the breweries and the yeast factories
102) Beautiful bridges
103) It's a city that knows how to celebrate
104) Channel 10's Auction
105) Milwaukeans have common sense
106) The city has a cosmopolitan feel to it
107) Cream city brick
108) Eagle's Ballroom
109) Edelweiss river tour boat
110) Farmer's markets
111) Home Grown Heroes like BONNIE BLAIR AND DAN JANSEN
112) The US International Snow Sculpture Competition
113) Iroquois boat rides on Lake Michigan
114) Kinnnickinnic Avenue
115) Milwaukee's unique convention center Downtown
116) Milwaukee Admirals
117) Community minded people like Jane and Lloyd Petit
118) The Port of Milwaukee
119) Progressive attitudes
120) River Flicks -- free movies on the river
121) Sheephead
122) The entire south side
123) The Sports Show
124) Milwaukeans are conservative, not trendy
125) Bowling capital of the world
126) Summer softball
128) Family and friends make Milwaukee special
130) Vistors come from all over
131) It's a beautiful city
133) There are lots of happy people here
134) It's cooler by the lake
135) Winterfest
136) People work hard and party hard
137) The flame atop the Wisconsin Gas building
138) Our resplendent City Hall
139) It's where the streetcar bends the corner round
140) Soccer leagues for kids
141) It's major league
142) Milwaukee has an honorable reputation
143) It's a cool city with a warm heart
144) It's an ideal get-away
145) Wherever I go, I meet people I know
146) Milwaukee Art Museum
147) The Milwaukee skyline
148) Goldmann's Department Store
149) Strangers still smile and say hello to each other
150) Milwaukee is a city that loves you back!